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Mini Extraction,Concentration And Recovery Set
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Main application

The equipment is suitable for active ingredients extraction and concentration of chinese medicinal herbs and various plants,and solvent recovery and aromatic oil collection.it is specially used by hospital,pharmaceutical plant and R &D institution for determination of new technical parameters.research and development of new product and small-lot production of valuable medicines.

Structures and features

1、 he equipment has advantages of small occupied area,exquisite manufacturing,complete supporting and easy operation.
2、The equipment mainly consists of extracting tank concentrating tank,oil-water separator,condenser,vacuum pump,liquid medicine pump,filter,liquid receiver and control cabinet .the equipment can be classified as steam heating and electrical heating.
3、3、The equipment has complete function,it is suitable for water extraction and ethanol exteraction,and it is also used for extraction under ordinary pressure and positive pressure and volatile oil recovery.the technological operations,like normal temperature extraction,low tempera-ture extraction,hot reflux,low temperature reflux,low temperature concentration and aromatic oil collection can be achieved.the concentration ratio can reach more then 1.4 and the temperature can be controlled between 50~110℃ freely.
4、The electrical heating structure has characteristics of advanced design,high efficiency,safety,quick heating and cooling and uniform heating.the tank is equipped with safety relief device to ensure safe operation.

Main technical parameter

Specification model TQ-20 TQ-50 TQ-100 TQ-200 TQ-300 TQ-500
Volume of extraction tank(L) 20 50 100 200 300 500
Volume of concentrated tank(L) 20 50 100 200 300 500
Working pressure of jacket(Mpa?) <0.1
Working pressure in tank(Mpa?) Normal pressure or negative pressure
Extraction temperature(°C?) 40-100
Heating medium Steam, heat oil, water
Vacuum pump specification SK-0.4 SK-0.8 SK-0.8 SK-1.5 SK-1.5 SK-1.5
Electric heating power(kw?) 12 18 24 24 36 36
Range of temperature display 0-200?°C
Shape size(m) 2x0.75x1.7 2.5x0.75x2.4 2.8x0.8x2.5 3x0.9x3 4.3x1.4x3.5 4.3x1.8x4


Produ cts


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